Ben Cotton Founder & CEO

Ben Cotton

Ben Cotton is the President, CEO and founder of Cytech Services, an industry leading computer forensics and incident response firm serving both public and private industry. Prior to founding CyTech in 2002, Ben was a twenty-one year veteran of the US Army, Special Operations Command (SOCOM). Mr. Cotton served in both unclassified and classified units fighting the Global War on Terrorism, specializing in sensitive site and digital device exploitation, Computer Network Attack (CNA), and Computer Network Defense (CND).  While on active duty—in addition to being a fully qualified operator—Mr. Cotton was a technical visionary and pioneer in Cyber Security and Computer Forensics for the US Government and the SOCOM.  Ben is a plank holder for the SOCOM capabilities that now exist within these technical areas. Ben holds a Masters of Science in Information Technology Management and has also earned numerous technical certifications, including the CISSP and other industry-recognized computer forensic and incident response certifications.  

John J. Irvine CTO

John J. Irvine

A managerial and technical professional with over twenty years of experience in the Federal Law Enforcement and Intelligence communities, John offers managerial and technical skills in both digital forensic investigations and enterprise software project management.  John led divisions of nearly forty digital forensic examiners, network intrusion specialists, forensic application developers, and malicious code reverse engineers in support of our nation’s most critical Federal organizations, including the FBI, CIA, and DEA.  As CTO of CyTech, John provides leadership and direction for the development of CyTech's enterprise-level digital forensic software products. John holds a BS in Management, an MS in Information Systems, and a Graduate Certificate in Software Systems Engineering, all from George Mason University. He is also an Adjunct Professor in GMU's Masters of Computer Forensics program teaching Topics of Law and Ethics in Computer Forensics.

Troy Kelly Director of Services