CyFIR Launches Game-Changing By-The-Hour Licensing Through AWS Marketplace


Tuesday, December 10, 2019


ASHBURN, VA – Dec. 10, 2019  – CyFIR has officially launched its CyFIR Investigator remote digital forensic analysis and incident response triage platform on the AWS Marketplace, making cyber investigations accessible to companies of all sizes. CyFIR Investigator provides scalable enterprise forensic capabilities on-demand, by the hour, and without heavy up-front costs. Its remote installation, investigation, and remediation capabilities c­an be deployed worldwide in minutes rather than weeks or months.

“CyFIR Investigator has completely disrupted the digital forensics industry by becoming the only live, full-visibility response and investigation platform in the cloud,” said CyFIR founder Ben Cotton. “This is a game-changer for businesses of all sizes, because you pay only for the time that you need without large up-front licensing fees.”

CyFIR Investigator can be deployed worldwide instantly via AWS Marketplace, benefiting Fortune 100 companies with foreign assets. Incident response with traditional tools is time consuming due to limited scalability, analyst travel, and slow performance on global scales. However, with CyFIR’s forensic-grade remote platform, world-wide incident response can begin instantly,” said Cotton.

“CyFIR is the answer to the workforce scalability problems facing global Fortune 100 companies,” said Brian Cook, CyFIR CEO. “With CyFIR Investigator, companies can rapidly expand their visibility into global assets at scale—even across a hybrid cloud network—simultaneously. Your overseas assets are vital to your company’s corporate value, and you need to ask yourself if you can see deeply enough to truly evaluate business risk.”

Small to mid-size businesses often lack forensic investigative technology because they believe they are too small for an incident response plan and feel that they would not need it every day.  However, that lack of preparedness makes them an ideal target for cyber-crime.

“With AWS, small businesses can ‘rent’ an appropriately sized CyFIR platform as incidents or investigations happen, making forensics affordable for all budgets,” said CyFIR Chief Product Officer, John Irvine. “Unlike traditional tools, CyFIR on AWS is available immediately, and the pre-configured CyFIR server makes deployment hassle-free.”

CyFIR Investigator also benefits incident response firms and managed security providers who are still using cost-heavy tools that limit their growth. Traditiona­l “enterprise” forensic tools can only see a handful of endpoints at a time, which limits the number of incidents to which they can respond.

“With CyFIR Investigator, you can remotely access thousands of endpoints on demand, simultaneously, without limitations on the number or size of engagements you can respond to,” said CyFIR Chief Security Officer Brian Herr. “You can spin up multiple CyFIR instances in AWS, allowing you to address a variety of use cases from threat hunting to internal investigations or IP loss.”

About CyFIR

CyFIR takes a unique approach by being able to search computing resources enterprise wide and immediately drill down into a live system forensically, thus changing the way we investigate by thinking forensics first. Operating on two main principles—see more to know more and respond instantly—CyFIR was founded by Ben Cotton in 2018. It gives organizations the power to minimize business risk and operational cost by investigating and triaging thousands of endpoints on demand, in minutes rather than months. To learn more about CyFIR and its solutions: CyFIR Investigator By-the-Hour, CyFIR Enterprise Platform, Instant Response™ as-a-service, and Fast Forensics™ Digital Investigations visit

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