Speed to Resolution™

When responding to a Cyber Incident, only one key metric matters:  Speed to Resolution (S2R).  Malicious code in an organization’s network often goes undiscovered for months or even years. Recent studies have shown the security breaches are discovered, on average, over two-hundred days after the event, and notification often arrives as the result of a third party.




CyFIR Enterprise dramatically shortens this window through its ability to rapidly identify, isolate, remediate, and remove threats from a network from a centralized investigative terminal.  Information Security personnel are able to respond immediately to threats worldwide using CyFIR Enterprise, without the need for costly consultants, travel, or delays.  With the additional time saved through CyFIR’s enhanced speed to resolution, your Incident Response personnel can turn their attention toward proactive “malware hunting” using CyFIR’s robust threat assessment technology.




Parallel Processing is Our Differentiator



Prior technologies, which claim to be enterprise level computer forensic investigation tools, rely on a centralized processing architecture.  “Dragging” endpoint hard drives across the network for forensic processing and critical endpoint searching results in business impact due network saturation, delayed investigations, and expensive results.  When limited to searching only a handful of computers at one time, response efforts are hampered—and the delay benefits only hourly consultants and not their customers.

Through the use of CyFIR’s truly distributed processing architecture, CyFIR’s Smart Agents™ allow each endpoint to become its own forensic-grade investigative system, providing Total Dynamic Visibility (TDV)™ into each endpoint—while still allowing the users of those systems to perform their daily work uninterrupted.  Traditional Incident Response requires staff to prepare analysis workstations, arrange travel, fly to your site, and create duplicate copies of potentially affected computers before analysis even begins. CyFIR’s Instant Response™ often allows security personnel to investigate and complete the response before traditional Incident Responders have even arrived on-site.  CyFIR Enterprise truly enhances your organization’s Speed to Resolution.™

If your Incident Response team isn’t using CyFIR to minimize hours charged and improve your Speed to Resolution, ask them “Why not?”

CyFIR's Capabilities

CyFIR’s revolutionary forensic processing architecture offers tremendous benefits over prior-generation tools:

  • Centralized Searching, Worldwide Response

    Perform simple or complex searches of connected endpoint computers worldwide in a matter of minutes from a centralized investigative terminal.

  • TDV—Total Dynamic Visibility

    Remotely review running processes on any CyFIR-enabled endpoint, instantly viewing running processes, modules, open files, open sockets, and more. Without delays caused by imaging memory to load into a third-party tool for analysis, CyFIR enables investigators to analyze threats immediately. Search and review files on the hard disk without indexing delays, live and in real-time, either down the hall or across the globe. Find threats across your enterprise in seconds, not days or weeks.

  • Search Microsoft Exchange Databases Live

    Perform forensic-grade searches on Microsoft Exchange databases—without bringing down the server or exporting custodian PST files. Business continues as usual while investigations run unimpeded. CyFIR Enterprise supports Lotus Notes and GroupWise email databases, too.

  • Full Forensic Fidelity

    CyFIR Enterprise allows security personnel to perform forensically sound analysis of live workstations and servers.  Designed and developed by courtroom-tested forensics personnel, CyFIR provides investigators with full traceability and hash validation for acquired files and volumes.

  • Find Illicit Images on Your Network

    CyFIR Enterprise integrates the powerful ImageAnalyzer engine to find illicit images on your network, allowing your staff to deal with potential HR issues before they become HR investigations. No other illicit image detection system works as quickly or effectively as ImageAnalyzer.

  • Third Party Tool Support

    CyFIR Enterprise can provide forensic images of connected endpoints, including entire hard disks, selected directories, or individual files. Additionally, CyFIR can image the entire contents of an endpoint’s RAM, full modules, or individual processes.  Lastly, CyFIR provides a remote drive mounting capability that will allow you to use custom forensics tools on remote endpoints as if they were physical disks attached to your investigative workstation.

Clients said

  • CyFIR gives me options and insight into endpoints that I never had before—regardless of network bandwidth.  CyFIR has truly changed the way we perform internal investigations.

    Fortune 500 Sportswear Manufacturer
    Fortune 500 Sportswear Manufacturer
  • Your support team has been kicking a** so far with quick, intelligent, accurate responses!

    Leading Fortune 500 Investment Firm
    Leading Fortune 500 Investment Firm
  • CyFIR is light years ahead of everyone in the DFIR industry.  Global IR and Forensic capabilities with fully supported AWS environments.  Very easy deployment with zero bandwidth degradation in my limited bandwidth areas.  Windows and Linux OS coverage and forensic response capabilities with my customized CNC designed modules so I now have global manufacturing facility coverage and IP protection.

    Director of Forensics & IR at a Fortune 500 Apparel Company
    Director of Forensics & IR at a Fortune 500 Apparel Company