CyFIR Brings Affordable Cyber Resilience to Mid-Sized Companies


Tuesday, September 24, 2019

CyFIR’s unique solutions enable threat detection and response in minutes rather than months. 

CyFIR today announced its initiative to make cyber resilience achievable for mid-sized businesses through global enterprises via its unique solutions: CyFIR Enterprise Platform, Fast Forensics™ Digital Investigations, and Instant Response™ as-a-service.

The CyFIR platform has proven successful through integration with IBM Resilient and i2. To see CyFIR in action and learn about its deepening relationship with IBM click here.

“It’s no longer if or when a breach will occur; we live in a post breach world,” said CyFIR CEO Brian Cook. “CyFIR exists to discover and react to cyber risks that have bypassed other layers of defense. We allow you to see more, know more, and respond instantly by thinking forensics first.”

In order to achieve cyber resilience, an organization must be able to quickly detect, concisely investigate, accurately define the total data exposure, and react definitively to minimize exposure for a breach or to stop a threat. This level of visibility and detail, delivered at speed and scale, was previously only attainable by large enterprises and forensic experts. With CyFIR, detection happens up to 31 times faster, reducing your cost of breach by up to 25 percent. CyFIR Enterprise gives organizations the ability to remotely investigate and triage thousands of endpoints on demand, responding in minutes rather than months.

“Our clients have started saying ‘Just CyFIR it’ to address their cyber incidents and to protect their intellectual property, customers, and stakeholders,” said CyFIR CPO John Irvine. “CyFIR Enterprise is not only available as an annual subscription but also will soon be available by-the-hour, becoming the only live-response and forensic investigation platform in the cloud.”

The by-the-hour plan for CyFIR Enterprise will soon allow incident response businesses to increase their own sales and delivery capacity by eliminating costly, scalability-restricted tools. Additionally, CyFIR’s “Instant Response” offers CyFIR Enterprise as a tiered managed service available in three levels: Blue, Orange, and Black.

Instant Response services, at the introductory Blue level, will include licensing and monitoring for up to 500 endpoints with the ability to scale to meet the needs of the enterprise in detecting and alerting to cyber incidents. Orange and Black service tiers provide proactive threat hunting and enhanced security services, giving a “hands on” approach to identifying legacy, active, or potential security compromises. Threat hunting is done by experienced investigators that know how to detect threats that have bypassed security defenses and that fly under the radar of automated detection.

Once Instant Response identifies a cyber incident, companies can immediately execute a Fast Forensics™ Digital Investigation engagement, giving them experienced investigators to respond before significant data loss can occur and cause irreparable damage to corporate value, across a myriad of risk vectors.

“CyFIR is able to go beyond breach detection and malware investigation with Fast Forensics Investigative Services,” said CyFIR CSO Brian Herr. “With our platform, talent, and techniques, our investigators can investigate a variety of security, HR, and privacy incidents as well as intellectual property misuse, data exfiltration issues and more.” To survive the myriad of cyber perils facing your company today, you need CyFIR.

About CyFIR

CyFIR takes a unique approach by being able to search computing resources enterprise wide and immediately drill down into a live system forensically, thus changing the way we investigate by thinking forensics first. Operating on two main principles—see more to know more and respond instantly—CyFIR was founded by Ben Cotton in 2018. It gives organizations the power to minimize business risk and operational cost by investigating and triaging thousands of endpoints on demand, in minutes rather than months. To learn more about CyFIR and its solutions: CyFIR Enterprise Platform, Fast Forensics™ Digital Investigations, and Instant Response™ as-a-service visit

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