CyFIR™ Announces Partnership with HCL to Enhance the BigFix Platform


Tuesday, July 9, 2019


ASHBURN, VA – Jul. 9, 2019  CyFIR™, an enterprise software and managed services company that provides digital forensics and incident response solutions, today announced a new partnership with HCL to give users of BigFix the ability to remotely investigate and triage security incidents.

“The CyFIR Enterprise Platform allows organizations to see more, know more, and respond instantly to what’s going on in their environment,” said CyFIR CEO Brian Cook. “Partnering with HCL will turn BigFix into a complete IT maintenance, incident response, and forensic investigation solution.”

In a fully-digital world, organizations must respond to security incidents in minutes, not months. CyFIR gives organizations the power to remotely and instantly collect forensic data, identify malware, and perform other investigative tasks across thousands of network endpoints.  

HCL BigFix is an endpoint management and security platform for software and patch deployment, configuration management, and compliance solutions. Integrating BigFix with the capabilities of the CyFIR Enterprise Platform will allow IT teams to also remotely investigate and triage security incidents.

“CyFIR and HCL have partnered to help BigFix clients of all sizes quickly quarantine and remediate security incidents,” said HCL Vice President of BigFix Sales and Services Mark Phinick. “This dramatically reduces the potential blast radius of a compromised endpoint.”

BigFix ensures CyFIR’s forensics reach every part of an organization’s environment. Once issues are identified, BigFix enables immediate remediation. The pairing of these industry-leading tools creates a powerful endpoint security solution.

“CyFIR fills a risk gap that organizations are just starting to understand,” said Leawood Venture Capital Founding Partner Karl Gemperli. “CISOs know what they’re keeping out, but they don’t always know what’s inside their environment. By taking a ‘forensics first’ approach to risk mitigation, CyFIR dramatically improves the security of intellectual property, trade secrets, and data.”

About CyFIR™

Developed by CyTech Services, the CyFIR Enterprise Platform is a remote digital forensics tool that enables concurrent forensic analysis across entire networks. In 2018, CyFIR was founded to provide software licensing, managed services, and professional services built around the use of the platform. To learn more about CyFIR, visit

About HCL Software

HCL Software is a division of HCL Technologies that develops and delivers enterprise-grade, software-based offerings spanning traditional on-premises software, Software-as-a-Service (SaaS), and bundled managed services. To learn more about HCL BigFix, visit

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