Month October 2016

Month October 2016

CyTech CEO Ben Cotton Quoted in Wall Street Journal Article Regarding Ballot Tampering


In Wall Street Journal reporter Brian Tau’s article on potential tampering of web-based overseas ballots, Tau quotes CyTech CEO Ben Cotton and his concerns:

When you send an email with an attachment, it doesn’t necessarily mean that an adversary can’t necessarily get in the middle of that transmission and change your attachment en route,” said Ben Cotton.

Mr. Tau’s complete article may be viewed here.

CyTech CEO Ben Cotton Interviewed by Bloomberg BusinessWeek

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Paul Barrett, in his article entitled “When Spotting a Hack Doesn’t Help You,” discusses the April, 2015 data breach at the United States Office of Personnel Management and the role of CyTech Services in the identification, investigation, and remediation of the breach.

Cotton assumed his business would benefit from its role in revealing the breach. Instead, OPM publicly denied he’d helped and implied he’d angled for undeserved praise in the media. That’s a devastating suggestion in the digital security field, where contractors are expected to keep their findings private. Stuck in an entrepreneur’s nightmare, Cotton had to put his faith in a congressional investigation of the breach.

Barrett continued with the background of both Cotton and CyTech Services, which he established after retiring from the US Army Special Forces and discussed OPM’s failure to pay the small, service disabled veteran owned business for its work.