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Personal Statement from CyTech Services CEO, Ben Cotton, on the OPM Breach Response

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Last April, CyTech Services was invited to the US Office of Personnel Management for a routine product demonstration of our CyFIR Enterprise software. We had no idea when we entered the building that CyFIR was about to identify malicious code on their live network and that we would assist with the investigation of the largest data breach in the history of the US Government.

This isn’t a problem that only happens at government agencies like OPM. These types of data thefts have become all too common, and every day seems to bring new headlines about hacks or breaches into political committees, corporations, and private citizens. Clearly, something has to be done, and our work with OPM shows how an incident response should take place and, more importantly, the steps that large organizations can take to protect themselves. It’s critical that our nation’s IT systems realize their vulnerabilities and accept that they need innovative technologies to address them.

On September 7, 2016, after a long and thorough investigation, the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee (HOGR) released a comprehensive and well-documented report outlining their findings….

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