Month February 2014

Month February 2014

CyFIR Enterprise Adds Point of Sale Terminal Forensic Investigation Support


CyTech Services, Inc. announced the addition of Microsoft Windows-based Point of Sale terminal support to its CyFIR Enterprise Incident Response and Digital Forensic Investigation platform.

“Cybercrime attacks against the point of sale terminals used in almost every retail and service establishment today have been growing exponentially in severity, breadth, and cost,” said Ben Cotton, CEO of CyTech Services, Inc. “The cash registers of yesteryear have been replaced by networked computers that are vulnerable to attack from criminals around the world. Open any newspaper, and you’ll see major department stores, grocery stores, and even small retailers regretfully announcing that their customers’ credit card data has been stolen on their watch,” he added.

Because of the increase in frequency and severity of these threats, CyTech Services, Inc. added Microsoft Windows Point of Sale terminal support to its enterprise-level digital forensic analysis and incident response platform, CyFIR Enterprise. “With CyFIR Enterprise, retail chains can not only remotely investigate, remediate, and monitor their back office systems, but they can now search their connected point of sale terminals for evidence of malicious code or compromise as well,” said John J. Irvine, CyTech Services’ Vice President of Technical Development. “Unlike other forensic tools that claim enterprise support, CyFIR was designed to search every computer with minimal impact on business operations and network traffic, without being restricted to searching a handful of machines simultaneously. Bringing this level of efficiency and speed to point of sale terminals is critical to successful remediation of retail store chain attacks,” he continued.

“With our roots in digital forensic services, we have performed the investigation and remediation of countless compromises and digital thefts. It’s clear that cyber criminals aren’t just after the intellectual property of defense contractors or the secrets of governments. Stealing credit card numbers is the equivalent of pick-pocketing consumers at the door—from thousands of miles away,” Cotton explained. “To date, we know of no other enterprise level forensic software that can investigate and review point of sale terminals, much less searching them all simultaneously across the organization. We’re proud to offer that capability in CyFIR Enterprise.” he added. “The only way that you can get your arms around a breach of the size and scale of these big retailers like Target, Michaels, or Neiman Marcus, and organizations like Yahoo! is to leverage CyFIR’s ability to search every node on the enterprise simultaneously so that you can identify, isolate, and remediate the malware within a very short period of time. Using other, less timely tools results in the inability to contain re-infestation and the spread of APT and malware through the enterprise,” Cotton said.

For further information about CyFIR Enterprise and its capabilities, interested parties may review CyFIR’s website at or contact CyTech Services at (703) 659-9805 x708.


CyTech Services, Inc. specializes in advanced digital forensic investigation and incident response services and enterprise-level digital forensic tool development. CyTech’s forensic staff has an extensive history serving top Federal law enforcement and intelligence agencies and corporate clients. CyTech Services is a Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business (SDVOSB) and is headquartered in Manassas, VA.

As published on PRWeb.