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Think Forensics First™

Strengthen your cyber resiliency.

CyFIR digital security and forensic analysis solutions provide unparalleled endpoint visibility, scalability, and speed to resolution.

CyFIR Investigator  •  CyFIR Enterprise Platform  •  Fast Forensics™  •  Instant Response™

Is Your Organization Cyber Resilient?

Cyber resilient organizations suffer little to no damage in the event of a breach. CyFIR cyber risk solutions identify, analyze, and resolve active or potential threats 31x faster than traditional EDR tools.


Mitigate cyber risk from multiple threat vectors

Data Exfiltration, Internal Threats, Privacy and HR violations, Malware, etc.


Collect and analyze forensic-grade investigative information

Endpoint telemetry data, file systems, registry, email, deleted files, etc.


Respond instantly with live, remote search and analysis capabilities.

Concurrent analysis across entire networks in near real-time

An Expanding Digital Threat Landscape

We live in a post-breach world where data breaches are more frequent and more aggressive in their capacity to do harm. Attack surfaces are expanding beyond the walls of an organization to encompass thousands of connected devices and computer endpoints located throughout remote facilities, cloud and SaaS providers, controlled foreign assets, and other locations.

CyFIR’s unique distributed architecture enables forensic search and analysis no matter how complex a network environment becomes.

Servers / Workstations / Networks  •  Foreign Assets & Suppliers  •  People & Processes  •  Cloud & SaaS


Today’s Challenges Require a Forensics First™ Approach

The cost of a data breach has risen 12% over the past five years, averaging $8.2 million in the United States and $3.9 million globally.

Sixty-nine percent of organizations don’t believe the threats they’re seeing can be blocked by their anti-virus (AV) software.


Two out of three companies report data losses due to employee turnover.

The industry faces a shortage of cybersecurity professionals. Between September 2017 and August 2018, U.S. employers posted nearly 314,000 cybersecurity jobs.

Source: Techcrunch

The combined cost of data breaches to organizations operating in the Asia Pacific region has likely exceed a trillion dollars with more than half of organizations surveyed reporting a recent data breach.


What does it mean to Think Forensics First™?

CyFIR’s approach to cyber resiliency begins with forensics and empowering organizations to See More To Know More, and then Respond Instantly. With the ability to digitally investigate and triage thousands of endpoints On-Demand, organizations running CyFIR minimize the risk and potential impact of a cyber incident.

See More To Know More

Forensic analysis is only as good as its data. CyFIR gathers rich data telemetry and forensic-grade information to help enterprises see what is actually happening in their network environment in near real-time. With complete endpoint visibility, actions can be based on facts, not conjecture.

Respond Instantly

Traditional incident response solutions take days to activate while investigative teams are deployed to the client’s site. CyFIR agents are remotely activated and operate continuously across network endpoints, allowing investigation and triage to begin immediately. With CyFIR, incident responders can isolate anomalies, remediate systems, and stop the exfiltration of data as soon as vulnerabilities are discovered.

CyFIR exists to discover and react to cyber risks that have bypassed other layers of defense.

CyFIR solutions address the largest area of financial risk to save 25% in average incident response cost savings.


Are you prepared for the Cyber Revolution?


Increase in Data Exposure Incidents Since 2005


CyFIR Delivers Value Across An Organization

Unique challenges. Common adversaries. CyFIR provides enterprise-level forensic solutions fit for purpose across multiple departments in a wide range of industries.

Information Technology

Human Resources

Legal Department

Corporate Security


What Clients Are Saying
"After we added CyFIR to our security stack, we were able to capture and analyze about 80% more data on our endpoints' health and activities than we could using 'our anti-virus solution' alone."

– Major Financial Services Institution

“Once we demonstrated the capabilities of CyFIR™, our legal department stopped requesting traditional full disk captures. Today, they just ask us to ‘CyFIR it.’ By eliminating technical and logistical hurdles, CyFIR has been a tremendous help in expediting our cases through increased productivity.”

– Global Cloud Provider, Director

“CyFIR gives me options and insight into endpoints that I never had before—regardless of network bandwidth. CyFIR has truly changed the way we perform internal investigations.”

– Fortune 500 Sportswear Manufacturer

“CyFIR is light years ahead of everyone else. An easy deployment and full support across multiple operating systems gave us global intellectual property protection and visibility into all of our manufacturing facilities.”

– Director of Forensics & IR at a Fortune 500 Apparel Company

“Your support team has been kicking a** so far with quick, intelligent, accurate responses!”

– Leading Fortune 500 Investment Firm

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