Next-Generation Cyber Security Solution

Turning Incident Response Into Instant Response

In a fully digital world time is not on our side. We must be able to respond to potential threats in minutes, rather than months.

Think Forensics First ™

CyFIR was built on two key principles – see more to know more, and then respond instantly. We give organizations the power to digitally investigate and triage thousands of endpoints on demand, minimizing business risk and operational cost. To effectively manage the myriad of today’s cyber perils, you need CyFIR™ – we Think Forensics First™.

Digital Forensic Investigation  |  Zero-Day Detection  |  Incident Response  |  Insider Threat Analysis

Traditional Safeguards Are No Longer Enough

Traditional Safeguards Are No Longer Enough

Odds Your Organization Will Be Breached:

1 in 3

Average Time to Identify a Breach:

197 DAYS

Average Cost of a Breach:


Average Cost Per Lost or Stolen Record:



Digital security threats are constantly evolving.

Traditional forensic solutions leave your organization vulnerable.

Designed by experienced practitioners serving Federal Law Enforcement, the Intelligence Community, and Fortune 500 companies, the CyFIR Enterprise Platform enables concurrent forensic analysis across your entire network of connected servers and workstations – a first in the enterprise forensics industry.

Superior Speed and Scalability

Distributed processing enables CyFIR Enterprise to rapidly identify threats from across your network, identifying breaches in minutes rather than months. Almost instantly, CyFIR captures information relevant to the security of your computing assets across your entire network.

Complete Endpoint Visibility

CyFIR Enterprise concurrently analyzes running processes on every endpoint in near real-time without impact to business or network operations. This unparalleled depth of endpoint visibility provides comprehensive detection of data breach intrusions, zero-day exploits, and insider threats.  CyFIR can even take screenshots of remote computers.


Maximum Cost Savings

Faster time-to-resolution means money saved. When a breach is contained in under 30 days, enterprises reduce their financial losses by 25 percent. CyFIR Enterprise’s remote, parallel processing capabilities also significantly reduce labor and data transfer costs associated with many forensic analysis tasks, saving money while improving performance across multiple departments.


CyFIR Enterprise Delivers Value Across Your Organization

Unique challenges. Common adversaries. CyFIR provides enterprise-level forensic solutions fit for purpose across multiple departments in a wide range of industries.

Information Technology

Human Resources

Legal Department

Corporate Security


What Clients Are Saying
“CyFIR gives me options and insight into endpoints that I never had before—regardless of network bandwidth. CyFIR has truly changed the way we perform internal investigations.”

– Fortune 500 Sportswear Manufacturer

“Your support team has been kicking a** so far with quick, intelligent, accurate responses!”

– Leading Fortune 500 Investment Firm

“CyFIR is light years ahead of everyone else. An easy deployment and full support across multiple operating systems gave us global intellectual property protection and visibility into all of our manufacturing facilities.”

– Director of Forensics & IR at a Fortune 500 Apparel Company

Strengthen Your Security Stack With a Force Multiplier

“After we added CyFIR to our security stack, we were able to capture and analyze about 80% more data on our endpoints’ health and activities than we could using ‘our anti-virus solution’ alone.”

– Major Financial Services Institution

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